Factory exhaust manifolds,

New project time, saw a TR7 on Gumtree a few months back, I have owned two TR8s 20 years ago. so I know English clown cars when I see one.
First thoughts; Who in their right mind would want to get involved with one of them?
It was still available when I looked the day after, No sunroof, no rust, $1000, so I bought it.
I have bought a cheap Lexus LS430 for the drivetrain, body neglected, rest looks OK ,
Engine and 5 speed auto into the TR.
1UZ conversion has been done before so the drivetrain will fit-Though I have not seen one yet with a 3UZ,

Question ; Limited space around the engine, need to use factory exhaust manifolds. I have read most of what has been posted over the years, and the consensus seems to be that the factory ones are not great.
Cost is the main factor, don't want to spend big bucks on a clown car and I have 2 sets of factory ones already,
early 90's Soarer, and the ones off the LS430.
Opinions , what set is the best of a bad lot?
Whichever I use will have to be necked on the line and turned down for firewall clearance. (o2 sensors relocated after the weld.)