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I emailed Dellow two days go asking the bellhousing kit for the TKO600. I didn't get anything and was wondering if they ever going to response to my email. All of the sudden I got a phone from Jeff the man started Dellow 40+ years ago.

Jeff sounded very nice and helpful. He said I can always email him questions regarding swaps and transmission conversion. What an honor to talk THE MAN. Big thumb up for Dellow :biggthumpup:


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Yeah he always mans the phone just as rod hadfield did for crs.Its good to actually speak to the person who started it all because they know their product the best and jeff doesnt stuff around either,deffinatly a doer not a sayer.


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just dont use a dellows clutch

i dont really want to go to far into why just from past experiences

from afew workshops


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they bought a shitload of holden 1 tonnes clutches and use then for every conversion

they make alot of good gear pity they are still stuck in the 60s

use old style stuff like old threads on bolts and old holden clutches

but their stuff is good best to talk to them face to face and see what they have


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This is true.

My Dellow flywheel was tapped with UNC threads, including the shallow holes which should have been for dowels.

When I called them to ask about it, they didn't really want to know and suggested I could send it back across the country for them to "have a look at".

Although it wasn't too hard to get it up to scratch myself, their lack of interest in the problem was disappointing.


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I too talked to him over the phone when i got my stuff maybe a year or 2 ago, we talked my swap through and i bought the flywheel plain with no holes drilled in it so that i could use my own clutch and have a local CNC shop drill out the holes, i went with a SC300/NAmk4Supra clutch with my R154 box. Ya thumbs up for dellow!


My powerglide bellhousing is great!, everything fits like a glove. Geoff's a real character too, nice bloke and a good laugh!


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Yes Jeff is fantastic, they helped me out rebuilding my supra box, bumped me to the top of the line as I was out of state at the time.

Ditto on getting their flywheels with no holes


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I have heard people I know who have tried to deal with Dellows over the pnhone by fax and email and always get stories of frustration. I have never spoken to the man personally but I have had to do jobs with Dellow parts and its not a good story. In the Australian 4wd fraternity most people go Marks 4wd Adaptors cause there are never any probs with their stuff but Dellow's is a different matter unfortunately.


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Going manual Denzel??

CRS Was real hard to speak to when i tried which just narrowed it down easily for me.


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i have found crs to be pretty easy to talk to, i want to go manual, but dellow won't have another kit for a month, and crs dont have a flywheel atm - waiting on an order



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when i spoke to CRS was just after rod hadfield sold it,new guys were obviously very busy just coming to grips with the new business.I actually had a crs bellhousing just wanted the rest of the kit.

Mal Wood couldnt even be bother return my calls/chase it up for me.Was **** i had the cash to spend and no one wanted it.


To revive an old thread. When I first put the Surf together we used the auto bell with the adapter plate and 3S-GTE flywheel. While it took the 4wd clutch it also turned out to be the "eater of clutches" this was later replaced with the Dellow/CRS Bell with their flywheel redrilled to suit a stock Hilux clutch. Well 30k later it's at the "end of days". Why? Their bell is 10mm too short for a 4wd application


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I'm surprised it lasted that long if it is 10mm too short.

I have a Dellows bell and slave set up on R154 and 1uz that has worked faultless for 3 years. My Flywheel and clutch are by others.


So am I But remember the RWD R series boxes run a shorter input shaft to the 4wd R series and Dellows/CRS (same bell) says that theirs does them all which is also why I couldn't get the spigot bearing out at last clutch change (threw their "Like compressing a brick" one out and put an HD Hilux one in, I'm not a big guy and didn't like almost getting shoved into the back seat everytime a gearchange was needed, was real bad sitting in traffic). I now use the KSracing Bell in 4WD conversions with the extreme performance flywheel and a clutch kit that Clutch Industries has made up for me. Why? The KS bell is bang on perfect for the 4WDs (but does come with a specially made spigot spacer for RWD applications) and we end up with something that feels and behaves as if Toyota made it like that. 30mm does need to be cut off their pedestool for the clutch slave and you use a V6 4runner slave cyl. Were I to start my conversion from scratch she'd be auto and I say that to every client


The CRS R series bellhousings are designed to suit an R151 with a 160mm input shaft.
CRS make a 30mm spacer you need to use for the R154 (190mm input shaft).

I believe Dellow make 2 different bellhousings, one for R151 and one for R154.

Unless they stuffed up the casting, the bellhousings should be right.

Its easy to check anyway, as the tip of the input shaft should almost line up perfectly with the front face of the bellhousing, maybe 1-2mm recessed.