Can I Swap an SC400 longblock for an LS400 longblock?


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I was originally gonna rebuild my 92 SC400 1UZ to swap into my 87 supra and after thinking long and hard, but I have decided not to open up my 1UZ and swap it in as is. I really just want to get this project started. As far as parts, all i really need now is a manual conversion kit to match my W58.

So In time (after my swap is completed of course) I will buy an 89-94 LS400 longblock from a local junkyard for less than $200 and use that as my foundation for my future rebuild project.

The only differences between the 2 motors other than the oil pans are the hydraulic fan for the SC, and the LS uses a fan driven by a pulley right?

So will replacing an SC400 longblock with one from an LS400 change anything??? :confused:

I just want to make sure everything from the SC400 motor with bolt on the the LS motor in the future without any problems


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yes the long blocks are identical, as you said oil pan differences and hydro fan differences but those will all swap over