A650 stator, pump and torque converter into A340?


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Hi all.
New here and in the planning and gathering stages of a build.
I'm looking at a 1UZ FE VVTI that has a A650 trans. My vehicle has a Aisin Warner AW4 or A340 in it.
My question is will the Stator, Pump and torque converter from the A650 bolt into my A340 or will I need to find those items from a A341 trans?
Any help will be much appreciated.


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Ive been wondering this myself as its getting harder to find the 341 over here now yet generally there are plenty of a650 and we are still converting a few 4x4 vehicles with the front shaft pump mod. Cheers.


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I thought the 650 was a newer version of the 35-50. ha ha, All this is new to me so I'm reading and trying to learn as I go.:oops::)


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I guess that answers that question.
No is the quick answer. :)