92 sc400 cooling issues/fan speed


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Hey guy's i've been having an issue with my fan speed. i believe this problem has been happening since i purchase the car but only during th summer months and when the a/c is on the car will not stay at normal operating temp and creeps toward the red. So it does still have the stock hydro fan assembly, i have checked the the fluid and connectors and dont see any issue. i know there is a cooling fan ecu and i think that is where my problem is. i've done alot of searching on this and i know where the ecu fan should be located but i think it was removed from my car along with the power steering ecu. seems like i have 2 empty spots where those should be located. anyone have any pictures of these and where they are mounted? it would help out tremdously. i have been thinking of ways to remove and replace with electric fans? or maybe replace with a clutch fan? will the fan assembly from an ls 400 bolt up and replace the hydro pump? any help is appriciated


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nobody can help at all? mainly just need a pic of the location of the cooling fan ecu. That would help a ton


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I have a soarer due in over the next few days. Will see if I can remember to grab some photos for you. If working correctly I still feel the hydraulic fan offers the best cooling of all the systems. Cheers


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i would greatly apprichiate that man thanks. I will have not problem keeping the hydro fan if i can get it to speed up and cool the car down.


Hi 918soarer.

I had a lot of overheating problems after I did my V8 conversion especially when towing my caravan with the electric fans. I had a Hayden 3000cfm fan fitted at that time.

I then decided to fit the Lexus original visco fan onto the engine and all my overheating problems disappeared overnight.

I will personally encourage anyone with overheating issues to rather fit the visco fan. Much better.