5.7L Iforce swap


It all depends on the situation.

In THIS case I feel that putting a 3UR-FSE into an MA70 is a waste. There are much more 'fitting' chassis' out there.
Same goes for the 1GZ-FE into the MA61. I feel there are much better cars to put the 1GZ in to.

If someone gave me a cheap/free 3UR and I had an MA70 there I wouldn't put it in there. Assuming I was going to keep whatever car it goes in to for quite some time I'd choose a newer car to put it in. Perhaps an IS200/300 or a JZA80. It'd be something I'd have to seriously look at if/when the need arises (unlikely).

I definitely wouldn't do it 'just to be the first' but once again, thats a personal thing.


I'm putting the 1GZ-fe into a MA61 because it just simply shouldn't be in there, I actually think it is a novelty, amusing even and a way to promote the brand.

There is any number of ways to get performance that will blitz what I'll have - not interested.

A couple of times I have thought long about the wisdom of putting so much into a car that cost $900.

Nothing is permanant, for whatever reason it could be transplanted into a more "worthy" car in the future. I'm sure if the engine lives and the car dies, the engine will find a new home.