1uz vvti into a Volga


Both the car and the engine are still fine. However I had to address two small issues recently

1 Coolant plug leak

When I noticed it for the first time, I immediately tried to fix it, but that resulted in even worse leak and a bit of panic. Redone with the proper RTV , new plug and overall more attention, successfully this time .

2 Pedal position sensor
It has been randomly failing for quite a while. For the first time I saw the problem about 1 year after conversion. ECU threw CEL and left me without power for no reason. However I just turned the engine off, restarted it and all was fine since then. Scanner displayed pedal sensor dtc, but I was inclined to think that had something to do with the wires rather than the sensor itself.

After quite a while, another problem emerged: the power would cut completely if I depress the pedal down to the floor quickly. Engine would just idle. However CEL didn't come on anymore. If I released the pedal and depressed it again, everything was ok.

I decided to try another sensor (in used condition though) and it seems to address the problem.


Fitted new gears to the axle, 3.54 instead of 4.1 ratio. Feels like huge improvement. Transmissions shifts better, performs less shifts in traffic jams. Much less cabin noise when driving on highway, much better sound (lower tone) when cruising. Surprisingly, performance improved too.

I am using a 3.08/1 LSD (IRS) with the 650 transmission, I probably don't have your weight, but gets off the line faster than most,(not all- an Itsoshitty Evo jumped in front of me the other night- he only looked good for the first 100 metres)
once I'm rolling, it accelerates like a turpentined cat.
highway cruising superb with this ratio.


irmantas, Volvo 740 / 940. This particular is 740 model. Detroit Truetrac diff, new timken bearings

Axis of Evil I quite feel the same. 3.54 is still a bit on the "too short" side. Unfortunately I failed to buy 3.3 gear set when I had a chance to (that's the longer ratio available for my axle).


Repainted rear doors (rust started to build up)
I think they can still be saved until plastic exterior panels will become available

The shift kit for the 5a/t was finally installed after sitting on the shelf for over half a year. Long story short, it's worth the money spent and it can be installed by someone without prior experience in a/t (like me).
Been to UK recently
Got home on its own power
Has small issues though

Your Volga looks strange to me.
I remember Volgas from my childhood. Some where used as taxis.
Looked very different. Maybe a bit like a Citroen DS type car, and they
were incredibly strong.

I still remember a wee news bit from a newspaper:
Head on crash (there and there) between a Volga taxi and a 22 wheeler carrying timber.
The Volga could back out of the wrecked 22 wheeler.


cribbj yep no handbrake at all. I use them just incase.
melvinmelvin you're referring to 21 model while mine is a facelift of 24 model with some external features never seen on original car


been to UK one more time

Still runs fine. 10.5L/100km @ 120km/h on highway, RPM is ~2800 1/min at that speed which is still way too much, but chances to find a diff with longer ratio are close to zero (current diff is 3.54:1)



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I agree; nice looking car there George! Looks like it has a helluva big boot. Why so much cargo space?