1UZ parts for sale, Aberdeen, UK


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Due to a lack of time I have had to give up on trying to fit a 1UZ into my porsche 944 so have a few parts for sale as detailed below.

1UZ header/manifold flanges, 10mm thick mild steel. Brand new, bought from the USA and had shipped over. £60 + p&p

I had all the parts sorted to have the bellhousing and flywheel fit to the porsche torque tube if of interest to anyone. This includes a bellhousing, flywheel, cosworth clutch, clutch release bearing c/w built in slave cyl (ford system). The flywheel is a MR2 turbo unit. machined down to take the 1UZ ring gear and the mounting holes slotted then had rings press fitted in to increase the strength and location of the bolts. The torque tube housing needs shortened if you plan to fit this engine/bellhousing to the porsche however as the shaft isnt long enough to pass through the clutch and locate on the flywheel.
Looking for £200 for this plus p&p. if no one wants it as a unit I will sell the flywheel on its own.

I have a rear sumped bare 1UZ removed from a soarer. I got this from smithys soarer sanctuary as I needed a rear sump and paid £300 for it then never used it. Was told the engine is in great condition.
Looking for £200 for this, collection only or I can get pallet delivery for about £75.
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