1UZ into 96' Land Rover Discovery

What to do with my 3.9 Land Rover engine?

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Abdur Rehman

New Member
hi all this is my first time on the inter web.
I have swapped out my rover 4.0 V8 and used a 1uzfe into a type 2 disco 2000 a lot of work.if anyone is interested i have lots of pics

Hi Stewart, i know its been a while but can you tell me what gear box you used with this? I am having issues with Rover gear box as its in Limp home mode and cant get the electronics working.

The other option I have come across is to us LS400 gearbox with Toyota Surf gearbox housing and transfer case then swap the rear axle with Nissan Y60/61 to have centred dif.

Swapping over gearbox housing is not an issue but not sure what is involved in swapping the rear axle and how much mod is involved.

Any ideas?

Please share the pics of your conversion specially around the gearbox and how you make it work.

Thanks alot.