1UZ-FE NON-VVTI front facing performance intake manifold

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Hello guys

This is what we made for the 1uz non vvti version, and now designing the VVTI application.
Does any one know the 3UZ intake can fit on the 2UZ or not?




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Very nice looking intake and I would think if it fits the 2UZ, it would have no issues with the 3UZ. There appears to be 2 different intakes in your photos, however? One with short runners and one that is much taller and there would definitely be hood clearance issues with the taller one :)

What many people are interested in here, however is a supercharger intake manifold - you might want to consider fabricating those as well.


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The FF intakes although they look different in some images are all the same dimensions. Seems like the first black intake picture the intake is likely not fitted all the way down to the block. I've made some side by side pictures that show the FF is about the same height as the OEM, not taller. And it's much lighter too. The issues I am running into to begin with is the injector size is NOT stock 1UZ Denso but LS1 size so I will need to rewire the harness or use adapters and purchase new injectors. Or I guess I could machine out the holes to accept the OEM injectors. Another issue I'm looking at is the throttle body doesn't appear to be ambidextrous and while it can be flipped 180 degrees the throttle cable pull will be from the bottom of the cam instead of the top if oriented on the right hand side. I also don't know if there is any way to include the factory cruise control setup. The one thing I really don't like is there is no manual, documentation of any sort, or technical support from the manufacturer. Nice quality though and for my swap I'm hoping it will simplify my intake setup and allow for the use of the factory air box (Isuzu). Time will tell.