1992 sc400 ECU. Does it have an immobiliser?


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Am building a trike with the complete drivetrain from a 1992 SC 400 with 1UZFE motor. I heard the vehicle running before it was dismantled. I have used the original ECU and wiring loom and have wired it according to the diagrams available on this forum. Have triple checked with another mechanic all the wiring loom for correct connections to sensors, power supply and earthing. Problem is there is no spark at the plugs and the injectors are not being pulsed. Since this was a known runner I don't suspect a faulty ECU but I'm wondering if the ECU has an immobiliser that has turned off spark and injector signals. If so how do I address this? If not what's the most painless way to commit suicide. Seriously, I'm at a bit of a dead end. Some suggestions would be appreciated.