1990 Toyota Surf Perth WA

PARTS FOR SALE: Limited availability on EGR Delete Kits, Torque Converters and Supercharger Brackets. Email for info: [email protected]


Perth WA
As Title states offered for sale is a 1990 Toyota Surf

This vehicle is located in Perth Western Australia

It is "SSR-G" spec with factory Recaro interior, rear spoiler, Factory "Wide body" kit, Rear door spare wheel carrier, underslung spare wheel carrier so carries twin spares. Body is pretty much rust free and paint fair for the age in WA, that is it's all one colour. Suspension is 50mm lifted

Following additions have been made

1991 UZZ31 Soarer engine fitted with "Green top" injectors.

Dellow bell housing and clutch to R150F (stock) gearbox (sadly this was all that was available at the time of conversion. I have come up with something better that operates and feels like factory, list will be given to new owner)

Tri-Y custom made extractors with 2.5 inch single exhaust

Factory Aisan Free Wheeling hubs

Spartan auto front diff locker

Factory LSD rear

Later model front clip and braking upgrade

Heavy duty tow package

Autowatch Alarm with remote locking

Plenty of spares that can be thrown in if the price is right

Price? $10500 ono

What does it look like? Any other grey Surf/4runner with flares and a big tail pipe apart from the fact it's vanishing in front of you not behind you (no you are not going backwards).

Please note she's not engineered or certified as I've quite simply never gotten around to it (been too busy working on other peoples cars) but is registered and also has been comprehensively covered by Shannons insurance, and yes they did inspect it. Being the mechanics car and basically the first conversion that I did to a "turn key" stage it won't take much to pass engineering (tidy up the clutch pipe and tape up some wiring). It is a brilliant tow car and off road well goes everywhere that I want to go without batting an eyelid.

Reason for sale? Recently my "Ex-teenaged daughter" and her mates stole my wifes Surf while I was away with work and trashed it. After much deciding what to do and waiting on a Prado for the wife via work. Well last week we got the wife a '95 3 litre auto Surf for $1500, a bit of paint and a service and good to go so I'm now going to rebuild the 2door with a bit of UZ loving for me.

Contact as I work away a lot and am regularly out of cell service is preferable by PM here or you can try an SMS/TXT to 0433243308