10,000 mile oil changes?


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My dad bought a new 2019 Lexus ES350 F-Sport and the suggested oil change interval is 10,000 miles.

That seems like too long to me. Is there any benefit to getting it changed earlier? Or should we just get it done at the 10,000mi intervals and not worry about it?
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My Mercedes is 20,000Klm so 12,500 Miles and it has 250,000K on it and doesn't burn oil so it must work.

Modern oils are pretty amazing.

I'd follow what Lexus say.


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For me, it's better to change the oil earlier to keep it more stable. Change the oil when you hit around 7,000 miles, it's better to preserve a good running engine to avoid future troubles. :)

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Changing oil that has the same, exact viscosity as what you're putting in makes no sense at all to me. I check synthetic at 25,000 miles and if it's fine, I let it go even longer. Why change it when it's perfectly fine, other than to cooperate with fear-mongering from the stealership?