1. D

    96 1uzfe swap to a ra64 celica with a w58

    I am currently right in the middle of swapping my 84 celica gt ( ra64 ) and time be completely honest I dint know shit about wiring a swap. I have the loom out and but I am missing an ecu and was wondering if I should try to buy a reman’d ECU or just go stand alone. Is it possible to keep stock...
  2. wrenchtech

    New Guy Considering a 1UZ Swap Into a 1993 Toyota Xtra Cab 4x4 Pickup

    The truck started out life with a 3VZE 3.0 V6 and an R150F manual transmission. The engine was not running when I bought the truck. It turned out to have a couple of broken rods and a hole in the block. I picked up two different used 3VZE engines with the hope that I could find one good one to...
  3. Z

    1UZ FE Manual Trans./ Ring Gears?

    Hello everyone I tell you that I have a 1992 Toyota Hilux 4x4 (from Factory, with front live axle) Install a 1UZFE engine, from a US Specs 1993 SC400, leave it with manual transmission, for this use an adapter for the hood A341 to matted to the box R150F (original of a 1994 4runner) The engine...
  4. Rodan Wrangler

    Naturally aspirated 1UZFE?

    Hi guys I am a retired airline pilot and a current hotrod shop owner in Texas. I have built a few 1UZFE's over the years, but honestly we deal in very few Japanese engines. The majority of our cars are old trucks and American muscle, as well as some German and Italian supercars. We specialize in...
  5. T

    do you know who have made this adapter kit, 1uz to w58???

    1uz adapter kit: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x45axnzemhcymyx/AABp1EHnjni2k0FkvBkLKjEka?dl=0
  6. N

    1uzfe 99 GS400 boost

    I have a 99 Lexus gs400 with 211k miles and weapon-r air intake. I want to boost it either supercharger or turbocharger but I need help making a plan for it and what to get. My dad and I would be installing it since he owned a 98 and he did smaller upgrades. It’s definitely going to be a project...
  7. K

    HELP NEEDED - 1uzfe vvti - probably wiring problem

    HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Ok, so i made a dumb move and challenged myself to build a car in 1 week, putting a Lexus 1uz onto a w58 into a Mk3 Supra, but I hit a major roadblock... My engine won't run, it'll crank but nothing more. I've been trying to get my engine to run for the past three days...
  8. L

    WTB: 1UZ-FE VVTi Valve covers

    Chasing a set of 1UZ-FE VVTi valve covers. Anything around?
  9. R

    93 SC400 1UZFE into 88 RX-7 Journal

    Hello all, This is my first project log on here, so please bear with me. I hope to share anything I find or uncover. This is a budget build with a budget of $4000. Mostly every part will be sourced at junkyards. If you have any advice or knowledge I would be very grateful for your insight...
  10. N

    1UZFE in Series 2 Jaguar XJ6

    Hi guys, I am from South Africa. A while back my dad had a 1UZFE engine & gearbox fitted in his Series 2 Jaguar XJ6. It is running Spitstronic engine & gearbox management without any issues and the car runs very well. I am getting this car from him in about 2 weeks time and would like to sort...
  11. B

    supercharger or turbo?

    okay looking for opinions and suggestions for my next project.. looking to ad FI to my 1uzfe swapped 4runner. basic low down= engine:90 ls400(all emissions stripped) all stock otherwise drivetrain: R150(factory v6 runner drivetrain) fuel supply: factory 90 v6 runner...
  12. D

    V8 Side Pipes.

    Hi All, Im very nearly done with my V8 conversion in my Mazda Bongo/ Ford Freda. I've got some 60" side pipes to run up each sill and it must be de-cat'd as the cats dont leave enough room for my gear selector cable. Question is, do I need an X pipe or will the Lexus V8 run ok without it. Im...
  13. A

    1uzfe head specs?

    Hey there im currently building a 1uzfe 94 twin turbo engine for my jetboat, have cut a head open through the ports to see how far I can take them out, but before I attack my heads ill get a plan for the valve situation ,has anyone measured the 3uzfe valves to see if they are interchangeable...
  14. M

    1uzfe + a340f not shifting out of first

    I have a 1uzfe from a 92 sc400 in my 4runner and my mechanic friend and I are trying to get it running with a a340f transmission. The 2 shift solenoids are connected correctly to the ecu but the truck never shifts out of 1st gear. If I remove the wiring harness I can manually shift to L, 2, or D...
  15. M

    Want to trade my front sump for rear sump 1uzfe

    I have a front sump still attached to my engine and need to convert to a rear sump for my swap. It is from a 92 LS400 and will include all hardware. Can reply via forum or email [email protected]
  16. K

    Wanted: 1UZ Performance parts

    Hello, The title says it. Looking to purchase performance parts for a 500HP 1UZ single turbo built. Rods, pistons, studs, cams, bearings, etc? Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  17. S

    1uz in 88 4runner overheating issue

    Hi all. I have a 1uz in my runner and I can't seen to get the cooling side of thing right. I have an oversize full alloy radiator out of a supra in it running a custom made shroud with a 14" thermo fan on the inside, EL falcon fans on the outside pushing. I have removed the double bypass side of...
  18. Y

    Anybody interested in AE86/1UZ conversion thread?

    Hello! I'm gathering the required parts to do the blasphemy of parting a SC400 '92 and using the 1uz engine, a r154 tranny and suspension components/brakes/diff for a AE86 project. I know there some people who wouldn't like it, but I want to do it. And since it seems lextreme as a site gives...
  19. F

    Any supercharger manifold cnc files out there?

    Hello all, I'm a new member but long time troll. I just picked up a 1995 SC400 and love it, but wish it had more power. I've been in cars a long time and have several running projects, built a number of turbo cars (mostly rice burners) and have a good deal of general car knowledge. I've...
  20. T

    This new guy here.

    hows it goin fellas? I'm TJ. scooped up a 98 sc400 a couple of months ago. needs a little love. someone resprayed the IJM and did a shit job so now its going galaxy grey. waiting for get the suspension in and then im going to supercharge. (any and all info on that previous note is VERY...