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    Cannot figure out up/down idling loop

    Another note: engine light is not on. Came on for a little bit while driving but went away and then this problem started when I parked. Also, should I move this to the Diagnostic & Repair Tech section?
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    Cannot figure out up/down idling loop

    Ok. I've done my research and searched through a ton of threads about this issue and have generally come up with a steady answer to my problem. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be working. Basically, what is going on is that when my 92' SC400 is in park it idles up and down from about...
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    iPod SC400

    I have for a long time wanted to install an iPod hook up in my SC400, so I can escape the 90's and stop using CD's, but I really have no idea how to do this. I have some electrical jimmy rigging experience so I'll prob understand a bit of any technical lingo. I was wondering if anyone has done...
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    How do you change subwoofer on SC400

    Like the title said how do you change the sub woofer in the SC400? How do you get the cover off the sub? I also might like to hook up a new amp, but not really sure how to do that, I have somewhat of an idea, can anyone help out with that? I have a 600 Watt Rockford amp, and 2 12in rockford...
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    UFC (MMA)

    It's good to see that there is some UFC talk going on. This is the greatest sport in the world. I thought there were some good fights on last night though. I'm glad that huerta won though. I've been watching him for a while now and he's become one of my fav's. He scared me a little when...
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    Setting up coilovers?

    It depends on what you're doing if you want to preload your springs. I was just saying that you should just adjust the ride height of the shock, rather than try to adjust height by preloading the springs. My friend actually though that was how you were supposed to change the ride height. So I...
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    so yeah anyone like TOOL?

    Yeah I wouldn't put them in at the same level as pink floyd, b/c pink floyd art at its finest. Tool is pretty good except that most of there songs sort of sound the same. They got into sort of a rythym that worked and just stuck with it, giving their most of their music a similar sound. Pink...
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    Setting up coilovers?

    Basically what you need to do is when you adjust your coilovers make sure that all four sides of your car are gonna be sitting at the same height. Unless you just want them to be different for some reason.
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    Thanks Stevechumo. I was thinking that it was only bushings, but I couldn't help but consider the struts. My sister somehow bent a strut on our last car so I have had some experience with that and what that felt like. It sounded sort of the same, but a lot worse. Thanks for the input though.
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    I'm definitely interested in getting some new bushings, but how expensive are they? Also, my suspension is squeaking, actually it's more of a creaking, but could that be the bushings? My car was recently driven over a curb and don't know if that is bushings or bent struts or what. Also the...
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    Tire Recommendations

    I really appreciate all the input. I'm definitely thinking I'll prob get the Yokohamas or toyos. My Dad actually has a sc400 as well and recently got new toyos, but hasn't really tested them out yet. Is there any specific yokohama that any of you recommend? I think I was looking at V4's or...
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    Tire Recommendations

    Like the title said, I need some help choosing a good set of tires for my SC400. Maybe just give a quick review of what you've got or something. I'm looking for something in the price range of prob below $120 and would fit 225/55/16. My tires are pretty much toast and I'm starting to look around...
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    1UZFE Powered Airplane

    Wow that's absolutely amazing. I just recently got my pilots license and I'm working on my instrument rating right now. how much hp are you making out of this? is it a high performance? Right now I'm flying Piper Warrior III all glass. I love it. I would love to see some video on it.
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    is there a tutorial for this? I'd like to do it as well, and don't know too much about messing with suspension, even though I'm fairly sure I could figure it out myself. I just want to do it right though.
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    WTB: 92' SC400 Driver side quarter panel

    Thanks, but I ended up buying from R&J Dist. If I need anything else I send you an email.