What to do while waiting for my EGR delete kit

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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Today I started the engine of my LS 400 after 2 weeks of work.

But... the engine doesn’t run well.

Last week I removed the gearbox to change the rear main seal.
My EGR pipe was in bad shape so, without the gearbox, the access was easier and I removed the EGR pipe.
I bought a EGR delete kit from Lextreme but there is a problem with USPS getting it to France and I didn’t have received the order yet.

To try the engine, I made 2 small plates. One for the exhaust and one for the I take manifold.
I am waiting for the kit but I wanted to try the engine.

The idle is low, engine doesn’t run well, no check light, and black exhaust gases that don’t smell good.

Do you think the problem could be my partial EGR deleting?

I put these 2 plates but all the rest of the EGR system is still on the engine. Maybe what I did isn’t correct and is the reason why my engine doesn’t run well. Perhaps I should have removed all the system.

Does anyone have any idea?

During these 2 weeks, I changed coolant, oil and oil filter, air filter, gearbox oil and filter, rear main seal and remove the EGR pipe and fitted these 2 small plates to fill the hole on the exhaust pipe and on the intake manifold.

Thank you very much :)
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The engine will not run well for 15 or more minutes after the ECU has been disconnected.

Give it some time and it may/should come good.

If it dosne't settle down to an good idle start thinking about the caps in the ECU.


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Thank you for your answer.
Caps have been changed before in the ECU.

I didn’t know that it needs about 15 min to the ECU to make the engine runs well.

I removed the egr pipe and put plates to plug the holes but I didn’t remove the egr valve and all the rest of the system.
Maybe the engine doesn’t run well because of that.

thank you