Trade 1UZ heads (complete with valvetrain and covers) for rear sump NSW

PARTS FOR SALE: Limited availability on 1UZFE EGR Delete Kits, Torque Converters and Supercharger Fish Brackets. No turbo kits. Email for info: [email protected]


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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Like it says, I have these spare heads, and I need a rear sump :)

Complete heads including all valvetrain (ie. cams, valves, cam gears) and cam covers, no plastic spark plug covers though.

Can also throw in all the early 1UZ head specific gear I have like the water passages etc (which wont be compatible with the VVTi heads im using) no intake though.

Im in NSW, Gosford, work in Parramatta.

contact me via [email protected] or 0409 595 364