Swap 3uz into w126 Mercedes, need run speed

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I am swapping 3uz auto transmission 6 speed on w126 Mercedes 560 sel
I need to use the original cluster of w126 to run the speed meter
I see there many of devices that can convert signal or generate a signal for speed , but i dont know what type of signal that i need to use for w126
I need help to know what device that i need on w126
And if there device that i can connected to canbus wires and give signal for RPM , coolant temperature, oil pressure, speed meter

P Bateman

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According to this, the W126 uses a sine wave input to the speedo so whichever controller you use needs to have (or have a mode for) AC output.

I would suggest you look at the Dakota Digital SGI-100BT. They claim it can turn any input signal into any output signal plus it will run your Tacho as well.

Install the W126 temp gauge sender (not the temp sensor) on the engine, so that the Mercedes gauge is calibrated to read the correct temperature. Oil pressure gauge will need to be mounted on engine too and wired directly.