Spitronic maps

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G'day all,
I have just finished fitting a Spitronics ECU and TCU in my 1UZ powered 37 chev. Have the car up and running and shifting ok. Just thought I should start a thread on the Spitronics maps as I haven't been able to find any apart from the couple that came with the units. I haven't dynode the motor but is running reasonable for the first go at tuning. Have kept the mixtures a bit on the fat side to be safe and am starting to get a grasp of how the system works tuning wise. I will put the maps up that I have working at the moment or email them if anyone wants to use them. The trans at the moment is just set up for normal driving at the moment but will start playing with some changes once I get the motor sorted a bit better. If anyone has some good tuning maps for a stock motor I wouldn't mind a look to compare what you have. Anyway that's all for now
will you still be able to share some of your maps if so please send to chippielee030@gmail .com