Project LexRay :Lexus 1UZFE onto an Alpha 1 Sterndrive

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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yeah the Rolco manifolds are fine for the 1UZ if you are useing it as a midmount like Jordy's boat. Trouble is they dont fit for a sterndrive with the risers and big risk or water ingress as the distance from the rear exhaust ports on the engine is only 12 inches away from the transom.
You could reverse them but for a sterndrive the left one fouls on the alternator and power steering pump (yes Mercruisers have power steering). The only real viable option for a mercruiser setup was the Hitek manifolds.


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i am theo from the netherlands and i m new here.
i am working on a boat project whit an 1uz-fe to an mercruiser to, but i want som more info about the hi-tek manifolds.
-Where do you orderd them?
-what was the price,
-do the o2 sensors fit in them or do you need to un plug them?
-what time does it took to get them home?

i cant find some good info, hope you have it form me?



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Hi theo please goto they do good work cost $3000 AUD including shipping and yes you can get them with the O2 sensor ports to plug in the standard O2 sensors off the standard manifolds. I bought mine to take the O2 sensors but I dont use them the engine runns fine without them. They took about 3-4 weeks to get them. they have 5 years warranty


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Hi Craig,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Firstly, nice job with your conversion! Looks and sounds great.
Similarily, am a big fan of the 1UZ and have converted a Hilux Surf from a 2.4 diesel to the 1UZ with a little wiring help from Sideshow to get it running out of limp-mode. It was a tight squeeze at the firewall but in the end I was very please with the smooth power the stock V8 offered and would often hear people when stopped at intersections, talking among themselves saying, "That thing sounds like it has a V8 in it". It was also fun to pull away from the lights (manual box) and give some sportier cars a run.
I have a 6m Aluminium Stacer Sportster with the GM 181 (3L) on a Alpha 1 Gen 2 and am contemplating the same conversion.
From reading your post I see you had gone with an adaptor plate to marry up the Lexus block to the Mercruiser belhousing and have gone over-water exhaust with the water-cooled manifolds. From the photos it looks like you have two layers of adaptor plates sandwiched between to get the spacing right.
Just wondering if you still had the boat as I have moved down from the Gold Coast to Kariong (Central Coast) NSW and would love to pick your brain a little (over a beer possibly?) to help streamline my project before I commit to purchasing another engine.
I actually have two good running engines for my boat but would like sell them to help fund the conversion and ideally would purchase the parts over the summer and do the swap over the next winter.

Costing (approx.)

$1200 - 1UZFE including ancillaries (igniters/airflow meter/alternator/timing belts/starter bolt conversion/etc.)
$1100 - Exhaust Manifolds (Rolco)
$1800 - Heat exchanger and tubes/fittings (aftermarket?), any advise on selection would be helpful.
$???.?? - adaptor plate (any chance you have a template?)
$450.00 - Delows flywheel (reuse torqueconvertor ring gear)
$450.00 - Thru-hull exhaust tips and associated flexipipes
$400.00 - auto electrician for when I can't make it run properly again :)

Can you think of any other large costs associated to this swap?
Also, how did you blank off the stock exhaust port at the transom, just a plate?

BTW, the video sounds like the boat has a nice exhaust note but just wondering of the volume is offensive.

I am trying to keep the cost at around 5k if possible and will be doing the swap myself with my boy (12 years). In my experience these types of projects seem to take longer and cost more that originally anticipated so just trying to make an educated guess for the feasibility between this and just getting a different boat entirely.

Thanks in advance, Mike.