Possible 1GZ project (R&D Phase)

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
Hey Redrocco,

Did you start pulling this thing apart yet? I'd love to see pictures of the pistons and combustion chamber.

Well I got my 1GZ home on Saturday and plan on starting to get into it this weekend. In stock form that has to be one of the least attractive looking engines I have ever seen. I have seen aluminum blocks get polished up and sent out for electroless nickle plateing before so that's an option. Once all the extra bits get removed and the intake gets modified for boost and polished it should look much nicer. I am planning on posting as meny specs, mesurements and OEM part numbers as I can as well as all the mods that I do. I am planning on bolting up a spare R154 tranny and sicking it into my 1973 dodge charger untill I get the bugs worked out and buy a v160 or skyline R34 transmission. At that piont its getting swaped into a diffrent car. My favorite ones so far would be 1973 celica GT, 1975-1978 datsun 280 or a MK3 supra but a T-bucket hotrod or monster trike would be fun to. More pics comeing this weekend.

one thing cool about the 1gz is thet the bellhousing dimensions are the same as the 1uz, so you can use any of the R series adaptors that are available.
I got started on takeing the 1GZ appart this weekend. She's allmost just a long block now. I have been takeing lots of pictures of how it comes apart as well as part numbers. I will be trying to put togeather as complete a parts list as I can as well as any other helpfull info. I am looking for the flow rate on the stock injectors now, Denso part # 23250-32010 but have had no luck yet.
Hey Red,

I looked around a bit for those injectors too, and couldn't find anything useful either. I'm sure you know it's not too expensive to have one injector cleaned, and they measure flow rate when they do it. If all else fails I suppose you could do that.

It'd be great if you are able to get a weight measurement on the long block, and pics with a tape measure or just rough dimensions would be quite helpful for all that are following your progress.

Good luck!
I did some measuring on the injectors and all though they look different from the Denso style injectors found in the 7M-GTE and the 1UZ-FE the only actual differences are the spray pattern and the 7M/1UZ injectors are about .030" shorter. I think that the 7M-GTE would work just fine if the fuel rail spacers were shortened by .030".


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The std injectors are around 250cc/min. You can simply grind off the caps and they flow around 500cc which is a fair amount when multiplied by 12. I have done this, the spray pattern is still perfectly fine without the caps.

The problem with the GTR oil pan is the angle that the RB tilts at. It would be better to use a VH41 or VQ35 pan as a base for a RH side mounted diff or a 1UZ i-four pan or LSx for a LH side. The pan rail on the block is enormous so making an adaptor would not be difficult if starting with a flat sump.

Engine management wise, the 1GZ will definitely run on a Vipec V88/Link G4 extreem. I have one running on this ecu.
I also have another being wired for a Haltech PS2000 but it is not yet running. Haltech is writing some special firmware to allow 12cyl wastespark.
Untill I install the turbos I was planning on using the 440cc MK3 supra injectors. Once I start boosting I will need to look for a set of 650cc to 800cc injectors. I will be running mega squirt 3 so I can run sequential injection and have the option to run true COP if I find I need to replace the factory coils at some point.
As far as the VH41, VQ35 or 1uz i-four oil pans I could not find anything about them online that had any real info or pictures. I don't think we got the AWD versions of what ever those came in over hear and dont know where else to look. If you have pictures, dimensions or a place to buy used parts please let me know.
Some how this lost its pics when it posted so I had to post it again

Weight of Long block: not sure yet
Bore and Stroke:81.0 x 80.8
Bank degree: 60 Deg

Dimensions (L,W,H) of motor: I plan on making a nicer version in Photoshop at some point but hear are 2 pics of the rough sketches I made up with the dimensions on them that I am using for my swap. And a pic of my long block that I used for the measurements. Its gotten all cleaned up and is starting to look half way presentable.


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