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The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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Hi All. I am currently living in Dubia but from the US.

My project here in Dubai for the last few years is 99 LC100 2uz. Running TRD supercharger, standalone maxxecu, ID injectors with Elate rails and Radium fuel system. Lots more but thats the summary. I have browsed through lots of threads and figured I would join in case I need some help in next phase of project. Will likely be selling the TRD Supercharger and going with an Elate tvs1900 setup. Late this year would like to do engine refresh along with rods and pistons. Then turn up the boost..The engine part is way over my head. :)
Welcome aboard.

We see some crazy Four Wheel Drive stuff coming out of the gulf. mostly GU Nissans.

An engine refresh and new rods and pistons plus better rod bolts, head studs etc will serve you well.

Keep us posted on your preogress.
Few pics before TRD goes back in. Ordered Fdfi1900 and big Intercooler from Travis at Elate. Won't be going in for few months though.
Any advice on which rods, pistons or other upgrades I should have shop do once it's opened up feel free to share. Shop I use is mostly JDM cars. Lots of crazy HP Land Cruisers here but they are mostly turbo throw away cars that they beat the crap out of in the desert. Mine is a super clean daily driver. Dynoed 330whp now before I added Manual 5 speed. I wouldn't call the current setup reliable. Way to much heat spinning the m90 to 7 psi . Would like a reliable 350 whp with the tvs1900 for now. Once engine is done hopefully later this year I would hope to be in the 400whp and call the project complete. This would be double stock dynoed horsepower from before I touched anything.
BC rods, JE pistons , arp hardware and engine refresh coming next. Then maybe 12 psi? Anyone have any tips or thoughts on rebuilding and strengthing a 2uz I would be thankful for the input.

For now still at 7 psi and tuning. Temps much better with my Elate manifold.
As a supercharged 1UZ owner I would go turbo and save a heap of bother.

I think a simple rebuild with a turbo or two would give you what you want without the heat issues,
Haha will be keeping the new SC for now. No heat issues since adding the 60mm Elate Manifold so should be good I think on temps. Planning to order rods,pistons, bolts this week with XAT :)
Still waiting on lots of parts but the fun ones are here. Hopefully can get started soon on rebuild. Xat parts. 3ur pistons in a 2uz. Guess it's fine since that's what they gave me haha