NA 1uz

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South Africa
Hi to All.
I`d like to know who has build a normal aspirated 1uz.
Any mods form air induction to a full build, with power ratings.
I cant seem to find much info on NA 1uz motors, yet i believe they have lots of potential.

As far as my reasearch goes so far, the ristrictions is the restrictive exhaust headers, the short duration cams, the std intake, the std ports doesnt flow very well, and some say the valves is to small.

I am want to build a NA motor that makes about 250-300kw on the flywheel.
My Plan:
20v 45mm throttles
290 degree cams (@zero lash) with 10mm lift
Full head port
Maybe bigger valves
4 into 1 branches
11:1 comp ratio
76mm single exhaust.

Dont know if the std pistons is strong enouth
Beleive the factory ballancing is good

What is your opinon on this?
Do you think it is possible?
Anyone try`ed somthing simular?