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so WHERE to begin....

1988 cressida , 1uzfe out of a 1995 ls400. over the last year , since i have got the engine swap done, i have gone thru three computers all with the same problem , loss of m-rel output. it always seems to end the same way. no throttle response then loss of the m-relay output. luckally i made it back to the shop , and after letting the engine cool down and trying to restart, no throttle then no check engine light.

the codes i have always been the same all trans codes ( MANUAL SWAPPED) , egr code( EGR DELETED) rear 02 sensors (DELETED)

THE code that did show up which i am thinking fried my ecu was a p0120 for the throttle position sensor . I got a used ebay throttle body due the the one on the car having a broken ear on the tps. i used the tps that came with it and it seemed to be ok this morning , but after driving at idle for a long time (FURNERAL PROCESION) IT OVERHEATED due to my electric fan not working( THIS IS A NEW PROBLEM THAT JUST STARTED LAST TIME IT WAS AT IDLE FOR LONG PERIODS ). this is when my throttle sucked!

but i did get it back to the shop, and thats when the ecu fried.

so my question to the community is, can a bad tps take out the ecu?

this ecu is the 4th gen revisement # 50224 so it should have good software, and the guy i bought the ecu from (LScowboyLS ) via facebook> said he replaced all the capacitors. SO what the hell!!! i wish i could fix this damn problem , Has anyone experienced such issues with a 1uz swap
I had a extra computer ( California emissions >>) but it worked . the engine runs , it idles real low and doesnt have the best take off, but computer is running , so it does look like something is killing the m relay output on my computers. has anyone had this issue where voltage out from the ecu drops so much that it wont turn on external relays?