Catch Can Theory

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P Bateman

In prep to build a catch can setup, I've been weighing up the pros and cons of commercially available units and most of them are crap. Either the flow well and catch nothing, or they catch lots and restrict the air.

One thing that stands out is that gas flow against a surface that opposes direction allows the particles to accumulate. I found an old video on youtube showing how they used to pull steam out of air and it's all about surface area - the more you have available, the more surfaces there are for the blow by contaminants to stick to.

I've measured up the space available and come up with this concept (below). Each half is separated by a plate down the middle, only allowing crossover under the perforated section at the bottom. It provides a total contact surface area of 0.25 metres squared and can hold 800ml of fluid before it loses efficiency and requires draining.

Twin 5/8" inlet and single 3/4" outlet will flow enough for the application.

Am I overthinking this?

New Project.png