Best header design

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Starting the design of my new headers.
Only done headers for 4 cilinder engines. The ignition sequence for the lexus is totally different.
I think i can manage 4-1 for both cilinder banks of equal length and have a
complete seperate exhaust to the rear.
Would this be worth the effort or just buy ppe headers?
What is your opinion??

Thanks Cor


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4 into 1 are good for top end power so if you're chasing ultimate power that's the way to go.

An X pipe in the system strategically placed will gain some power.

An H pipe will make it sound better and give a small increase in power.

Most headers sold for the 1UZ have the phasing wrong for ultimate power but whatever you fit will be much better than the factory exhausts.

Fit or build what you can because you would have to try very hard to build a worse exhaust then Toyota did.