Anyone from Europe?

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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Russia, Moscow
Though chances are little apparently, would be nice to hear from other European members. At least it's a pity no one ever posted here yet )
Hi guys! Thanks for checking out this thread. What made me create it is that I occasionally drive to EU countries, and I thought maybe there're any V8 meet events planned like our OZ friends usually have. Or maybe we can create one some day.
omalley thanks, doing fine ) I see most european users here are actually from Britain, why the UZ are so popular there in contrast to continental countries?

I think Lexus struggled against the likes of Mercedes and BMW in Europe but were more mainstream that suited British tastes.

It was similar here in Australia.

I used to run a Prestige Motor Insurance Company and when people would ring for a Lexus quote the staff would tell them "we only insure prestige vehicles" The perception of them here wasn't all that great.