Alek Projekt E36 V8 4.0 1Uzfe twin turbo GT30 E85 22psi

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Hi after a long break, E36 changed the face (new engine) definitely, came up with Japanese v8 TOYOTA 1UZFE

After finishing many turbo engines (inline six turbo BMW 700hp + ) : D , came up with the idea for a twin turbo v8, of course the plan was that it would take a max of 4-5 months and the car rides.
But as usual, it collided with reality and I built the car for almost 11 months ps. only in the evenings :)
This is my first v8 twin turbo, took a long time to make custom parts that had to be invented and put in places to manage to fit everything.
The mask can closes: D

The car gives the NM feast feeling, now boost is 1.5bar (22psi) on E85 I will go to dyno after camshafts grinding and change valve spring ( more revs yeeeaa. )



- Toyota 1UZ FE V8 4.0 engine
- Cometic steel head gaskets
- Valve seats milled to three angles / ground valves
- ACl bearings
- M12 head bolts 12.9
- Oil pan custom by Alek
- Engine mounts by Alek
- Milled oem piston bowls to reduce compression 9;0 : 1
Turbo / Intake

- 2x Turboworks GT30 58mm ar0.63
- Intercooler Custom By Alek
- OEM intake manifold converted for electronic body vdo with bmw v8 m62b44
- Intake 2x60m to ic / 76mm to the throtle body
- Custom By Alek exhaust manifolds
- 2x WG 60mm
- 2x scream pipe 50mm
- Exhaust 2x2.75 inches is 3.5 inches
- Bov 44mm


- 3x 044 pumps
- 8x deka 875 short injections
- 2x custom 20mm fuel rails by Alek
- AN10 teflon feed
- ALU 50l fuel tank plus 2.5l swirl pot


- Sintered double disc clutch on Alu flywheel from Poweride Dt and downforce from VW TDI
- 5b gearbox from mw m57b30
- E36 2.8 shaft shortened
- diff. 2.56 tds

Hinge / steering

- Moved steering column

- Electric power steering pump Opel / steering gear oem Bmw e36
- Extension arms / custom front hubs / custom steering rods
- Hinge front travel xyz / rear Horses with adjustment
- All rubbers changed to polyurethane and alu

Electronics / Control

- Ecu Ecumaster Emu silver tuning by Alek
- Coils Denso / Honda K20
- Electronic throttle body
- oem triggers with 1uzfe :)


- Cage with attachment J. from Ireco, self assembly kit
- Oem E36 dashboard work
- Tablet configured with Emu
- Mirco racing seats
- Main power switch
- Panel (switches: ALS / LAUNCH / MAP / FUEL / CONTROL AREA)

Video from the second training :) 1.5Bar


And some photos of the car and the construction:




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Beautiful work! It's obvious you're no stranger to fabrication. Did you go with new rods and have you dynoed yet?

I'd be careful if you kept the old rods as they're powdered metal and are known to let go under high boost & rpm.


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Thanks, I haven't been to the dyno yet.
I am in the process of modifying the cylinder heads (changing camshafts / springs and valve tappets )
Then I will definitely go for a dyno.
Yes, the rods are oem , I hope they handle up 125nm from one cylinder :)
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