1UZ putting out 480Hp at 11,000RPM with 4 barrell carb

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
I have bought and sold over fifty SC400's and LS400's early models, pre 95's and have gotten a few of them with high mileage with very little maintenance done on them. I have had seen and changed original timing belts still on the car with over 200,000 miles on them. They may wear and crack but I have never heard or seen one break. I have changed several with 100,000 miles on them and inspected and found them still to be in good shape... Those timing belts are protected somewhat from the elements in that plastic casing and are durable and even with cracking and visible signs of wear they the timing belts in most cases will not snap... This is coming from a previously owned used dealer that sold mostly lexus's in the late 90's...had to get them maintained to re-sell..Timing belt changes included...
I've currently got a query in with CSL Cams of NZ (no website) as they manufacture atleast one type of inlet manifold for Holley/1UZ application.

In addition I also am looking for an ignition system that's easy and distributor-less for this set up called 'HPX' which I believe is US made. Philip Marx (Madphil - I think??) of this site gave me the details but I can't find the HPX system anywhere. Any advice much appreciated.

Pro said:
11,000rpm...? how long do you want it to last? 4 minutes?
and it better be a 'ken HUUUUGE dominator or predator to keep up with the fuel requirements at those kind of RPM with lumpy cams.
a 13B rotary PP doesn't rev that hard man. yeah it's got 6 bolt mains caps but 11,000rpm?

pretty sad that you just didn't use a 4barrel throttle body and some 1700cc indy blue injectors, carbies are nothing more than a metered fuel leak.

i might go put a 6cyl perkins diesel in my Honda NSX now...
NASCAR runs 427s at 8000 RPM for... what 6 hours strait? a 1UZ is 4L, compared to the 7L of a 427. it doesnt suprise me that they can run at 11,000 RPM for a few hours at a time. and a 13B rotory CAN take 10000 RPM, if not 11.
Skid, the HPX is a discontinued ignition system that was from Electromotive. Their current offering is called XDI.

Here's a link: http://www.electromotive-inc.com/products.html

IMO, Electromotive's products are reliable, but they're old school, compared with what's available now.

Their system is only waste spark, which they try to convince you is better than the systems which "...use both a crankshaft and a camshaft sensor assembly, making the system more complicated and more expensive than it needs to be." Hogwash.

Too, you'll have to install a 60-2 crank sensor and pickup, which isn't a small task.

One good thing about it, is that it is a completely standalone ignition, so if you don't want to go full standalone ECU, and have to pay extra for EFI just to get the ignition side, you don't have to.

Thanks a lot mate as was struggling to find the HPX system. I had seent their site but probably speed read it and didn't pick up that XDI was the replacement system.

Out of interest as you're not rating it that highly do you know of an alternative approach/product for a carb'd engine?

I don't really want to go full ECU as going to use a Vortech. My engine is devoid of throttle body ECU and Igniters and have been trying to work out the best route. Starting an EFI system from scratch will be very expensive with lots of dyno time, sourcing OEM parts and then running a piggyback wont be cheap either, so was looking at a CSL manifold, a holley converted to blow through and a more traditional ignition system. Plus I'm more at home with this.

I don't mind the challenge of a EFI but I'm estimating much extra £$£$£ so a bit wary. Any thoughts???

MaxPower said:
http://www.iceignition.com.au/ ....Have used these on race cars, works really well. Will need some mods to get it to work with a 1UZ but anything is possible.
Thanks. It looks ok but was trying to get to a distributorless system. I think someone looked at the Ford(?) EDIS system but I'm not familiar with it.


Have a look at FAST's "Electronic Distributor" system: http://fuelairspark.com/Products/Information/ElectronicDistributors.asp

It's a pretty good box, but they have to dumb the description down a bit and call it an "Electronic Distributor" so the 'Vette boys can understand it. Tossers.

fugly said:
Anymore info &/or photos on this stock car engine?
Interested in the carby manifold in particular.
As I wrote in an earlier post CSL Cams in NZ make the manifold but I've tried several times to email them with out success and they haven't got a web site.

Admittedly I haven't phoned them yet as I'm in the UK and everytime I think of doing it the time difference is a problem.

Anyway if any forum member knows them could you give them a quick bell and get them to check their emails???

Cheers if you can

yoyoyo can you go back about cabys how and where in aus $ and mainfolds ? im stal on my 1u ja starion tranplant has any one know of a sima type convertion cheap and nasty from what i can under stand is the oms 2.8 on the injector are std 220 cc i was planing transing dital fule ove or would i need to start a new fourm for my job
starionnsw said:
yoyoyo can you go back about cabys how and where in aus $ and mainfolds ? im stal on my 1u ja starion tranplant has any one know of a sima type convertion cheap and nasty from what i can under stand is the oms 2.8 on the injector are std 220 cc i was planing transing dital fule ove or would i need to start a new fourm for my job
Starionnsw, if English is not your first language we'll cut you some slack and try to work with you. If English is your first language, why don't you help yourself, and clean up your post so people can read it.

Graham - Have you talked with Kelford Cams, they may be able to help you and I think they are located in your neck of the woods....Good luck...

I love the Holley 4 barrels, but over fuel injection I don't think so...What are you looking at with a good Holley or Edelbrock 4 barrel carb putting out about 850cfm or so? Mount dual carbs on a custom intake manifold then we may be talking... I think injectors are the way to go....
well im old so holley was my thinking ja starion 1uz but there is a 850 cfm anuel discharge doubel tap discharge i found and use years ago . it took time but found one guy at og road shop sa adelaide to hook me up it is a square but there a few spreaid 700 so on so on oh angelish is mira fist lang but i worrryed that some one would complanim if i maide too long cribbj and whent on and on plus there a code for you to brake doubel tap is when fuel drop from 14.3 to 13. what every you tune it too thanks jibbby do you know is the standed injector 228cc 2.8 ohms injectors for the 1uz i was hopeing on carbys after attemping useing my turbo f.i but the lap links gone missing and i dont have a spare pc as yet too yank out side oh f.i means fule injection.
Starionnsw, I am wondering if you asking about the standard 1UZ injector somwhere in that jumble, if so a violet top injector part no 23250-50010 flows 251cc at 290kpa , ohms are 13.8.
I reckon it would have to be very very healthy 1UZ to use a 850cfm carby,thats for sure.
At full throttle full power fuel injection has no real advantage over a carby , driveablity is a whole different matter though
starionnsw, I don't think cribbj was taking the piss, and neither am I but please take your time on your posts as they are really hard (impossible) to understand.

Members are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

Let us know your language knowledge and we'll try and help, though imagine yourself at skool ;) at the moment because currently you're on 2/10. Must try harder! ;)

I am weary of peoples language ability and sympathetic especially after I read some poor guys post on Pistonheads.co.uk which was horrendous to read and after the piss was taken it turned out he was dyslexic and a few members were suitable embarresed!!M