1Uz-Fe / L200 Conversion

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
You will need a flywheel, clutch plate, clutch pressure plate, clutch throw out bearing and a new spigot (centre) bearing for the end of the crankshaft.

You will need to make either a new bellhousing to connect the engine to the gearbox or make an adaptor plate to join them.

All of the items at the top are available from a few manufacturers.

The bellhousing is a matter of lots of measuring to decide if you're better off cut both the Mitsubishi bellhousing and Lexus one to join them together or modify one or the other.

If an adaptor plate would work it seems the easier way to go.

Have you thought of using a transmission out of another 4x4 (such as a Toyota) that has everything you need available for the swap from specialist manufacturers. If you did this you would only need to modify the propeller shafts to make it all happen.

Engine swaps get expensive so do a lot of costing before you embark on it.

I would think a 4G63 from a Mitsubishi Evo could bolt up to the transmission and have as much power (or a lot more) than a 1UZ.

The L300 used a 4G63 at one stage. It may be worth investigation.
Hi Zuffen,
Many thanks for all your advices.
It a good idea to fit a 4G63, i study now this possibility.
I will make reporting here about this working progress.
Have a nice Day.