1967 glastron 174 1uz conversion

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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Hi all,I havnt seen alot on here in a while but due to some motorvation from converted's lexray i have decided to do a 1uz conversion after my 3.0 dieing not long after getiing my boat on the water.Ill post some build photos as i go any feedback appreciated to know if its worth continuing posting them.
These pictures are adapting the coupler for the leg using a drive block usually for ski boats where a drive shaft comes off this block,instead i got a small amount of machining done to use my old style coupler.Also i used an adapter plate to put a powerglide/turbo box since i have the chev/mercruiser bellhousing


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Here are some of the first mock up fits to work out mounting,After that the pictures show where i have glassed in some alloy plate to drill and tap for my mounts


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Some more pictures the black thing is a heat exchanger i have claened up and shortned from a 600hp volvo diesel so hopfully will have enough cooling i found these volvo mounts on ebay which are totally overkill but were only $75 for the pair next is engine brackets


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Here is the start of my engine brackets and a pic of the motor with the heat exchanger fitted and my main coolant lines done.


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1UZ in boat

Very interested in your 1UZ installation. I have installed a 1UZ in a wooden boat as an inboard. As I live not too far from you I am keen to swap notes, in particular "ignition protection" of the starter, alternator and distributors.
Hi All i know many will burn me about this but after some trouble with my e.f.i setup i found a cheap harcourt manifold and adapted a distributor.Sorry alan i never got on to you message me again if you want me to give you a call. Ive been so busy and caught up trying to finnish the boat.Im running an edelbrock marine carb the dizzy is a Ford flathead from mallory and they reverse rotated the advance for me with no extra cost.All up it would owe me the same as a microtech setup but i dont have to worry to much about the salt water issue with a cheaper e.f.i cpu ect as my boat does get wet at times.
Here is a video of its first test with the covers off.

1UZ conversion

Tried to send a PM but was blocked at your end. My boat went in the water for the first time last October. Engine is from a Soarer. I am using the original ECU and relay/fuse box and distributors. Boat went well but engine was stalling. $4 worth of capacitors fixed the ECU. All good. Still testing and tidying general boat issues so I haven't seen WOT yet, but am doing 40MPH at 3500RPM with a 12x15 prop. For ignition protection, starter and alternator vents are sealed and felt seals fitted to rotors. Exhaust manifolds are Hi-Tek. I made a cast aluminium flywheel with an elastomeric torsional coupling driving a FNR velvet drive. I'm impressed with the different way you approached the project. Well done. If you would like more detail or photos send a PM.