power steering

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    1UZFE->S13 Swap

    well im gaza from newzealand...........im in the 3rd month of my sumdinith?????build. it is a 1UZFE powerd s13(factory sr20de) with a 180sx front convertion.iv made and fabbd up the engine mounts/brackets,runing a31 xmember-swaybar.s13 rack with r31 powersteering feed and return to pump.made a...
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    180K P/S & Alt. Repair...what to replace?

    Going into my 93 LS400 soon, the P/S went dead. Fluid had been disappearing for awhile. I'm probably going to do the P/S rebuild myself, can you think of anything else. I plan on keeping the car for awhile and have had the timing belts and water pump replaced. Also, should I just throw...