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    fabbing 1uz turbo manifold questions

    I haven't been back here for a long time. My comment was 10 yrs ago. Lol.
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    FMU advice needed

    I really don't remember.
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    FMU advice needed

    I actually still have the whole car and setup. But after I swapped to a new SC shell and got 95% done, I got busy and didn't have time to finish it.
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    FMU advice needed

    The AEM from the Supra works perfectly. The only thing that I am not 100% satisfied is that after I insert the key in the ignition, I have to wait for about 10 seconds for the AEM to initialize, then I can start it.
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    FMU advice needed

    Ha ha! I just got bored, so my memory brought me back here. I'm still with the V8 1UZ and 2UZ community.
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    FMU advice needed

    I had run FMU 12:1 with turbo on my SC400 with boost at 6 psi for a long time without issue. My friend is running supercharger at 6 psi on his LS400 without issue. I'm an old time member here, got busy, so I didn't log on here for a long time. :)
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    Soon to be new owner of 92 Lexus LS400

    What performance parts are you looking for?
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    1UZ Legacy. Supercharger will not boost over 3.5psi Help.

    Does the manifold plate restrict the flow evenly? It looks like it blocks/separates the front and rear ports.
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    Thickness of alloy sump

    The oil pressure might be too much for the turbo. I blew a turbo without the oil feed restrictor. Putting it inline and fixed the issue.
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    V8 Supra MK3 1UZ Twin Turbo from Germany - Part II

    I like the dome manifold. It's kind of unique.
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    supercharged sc400 running rich

    The fuel injectors from Mazda RX7 turbo year around 88-89 are 460 cc/min and also with high ohm. They're the cheapest working solution. But make sure they're cleaned/rebuilt.
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    DO NOT take cheap cross drilled rotors to the track!!

    I don't track my car, so I can't say for sure if the pad material has anything to do to heat up and crack up the rotors or not. However, I use drilled/slotted R1 rotors (cheap) with ceramic pads and they're fine for streets. Maybe if semi-metallic pads are used, they gets hotter than ceramic...
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    My car on The Smoking Tire

    Nice build!
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    TT 1UZ-FE update

    They're still great runs nevertheless. 20 psi is a lot of air for the 1uz. lol.
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    Time to get serious (supercharged SC400)

    It's a good setup there, KC. I know you're pushing it hard. :)