Wiring from Battery to Trunk


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Hello, I am a major newbie and had a question. I am trying to get a wire from the battery to the trunk, and I was wondering if you could tell me the best way how?

Pretty much how and where to put it through, from the battery to the cabin and then the cabin to the trunk. Which spot should I poke through?

Thank you so so much!:D

Edit: Wiring*** oops.

I should also mention that I have a 1992 Lexus LS400.
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don't know if your still working on this but i can i tell you that the stock wiring loom runs from the engine bay passenger side through the firewall boot into the cabin and along the passenger frame rail into the back seat area and along the edge of the bottom of the seats across to the drivers side than runs up the seat back to near the window where it passes through a boot into the trunk. i run my wires with the stock wiring but its up to you


There's wiring everywhere, down both rails.. Depends on what you need to power and based on what conditions - Might be able to tap an existing hot wire in the trunk.


Welding cable is what I use.. with earth side to bolt on transmission..
With 10mm wire off - earth side battery to ground in trunk / boot..


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Just did this on my 98 GS400. I used welding 2 gauge line and ran it under the car. I installed a distribution box at the passenger side firewall (ls400 is driver side I'm pretty sure). Then I secured the line to the inside of the frame rails using a metal clamp/grommet (bought from home depot) that attached to the factory 10mm points on the rails. Its held tight and high up. I then ran the rest of the line on top of the rear suspension sub frame (liberal use of cable ties) and then installed the battery at the very bottom front of the spare tire well (laying flat instead of vertical). I have bottomed out my car a few times and is far from danger.

I decided to go under the car just because I didn't want to start taking the interior out yet. An added benefit is that the added weight of the thick gauge line is at the lowest possible point on the car. The relocation cable can get heavy fast.