Vic's Precision Automotive: A++++


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Tire installation, balancing, and alignments are one of my pet peeves in Houston. I've had rims scratched and damaged, $300 tires ruined, and my suspension damaged by shops staffed with goat roping bubbas and green card wannabes whose ages and IQ's were roughly the same. And I'm not speaking about just your neighborhood Sears, Goodyear, or Firestone or Discount Tire Centers either, but high end shops recommended by other owners who should know better.

So for years I've searched this city to find a quality tire installation, alignment and balance shop that I can trust, and I think I've finally found it in Vic's Precision Automotive. Owned and operated by Vic Tarasik, an ex-racer and hotrodder with a collection of domestic classics, Vic runs his shop with a can-do attitude. His alignment and balance equipment is the best currently available, and consists of the Hunter GSP 9700 balancer and the latest Bear alignment rack.

I left my blue Supra with him while I was in Algeria this last time, and had (4) new tires from Tire Rack drop shipped to him, along with (4) new Tein CS coilovers. I also left them a written scope of work with some custom alignment settings (Supras do not like any toe at all on the front, and very little on the rear, else they wear their tires out super quickly).

After picking the car up, I can only say that I can find no fault whatsoever with the work they did. Nothing, zip, nada. No marks on the rims from the 35 series tire install, the alignment is set exactly to the specs I gave them, and the car has never felt so stable at twice the double nickel.

I paid a premium price for their work, however we all know that a cheap price for any work that isn't done well is false economy.

Highly recommended.