s13 3uz build


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rite started building my s13 about month ago was toying with engine choice till i picked up a ls430 cheap so took chance on it
car so far

ls430 i bought for powerplant

took engine out n start stripping it have to get the ls400 sump convert it to frony mount also ordered adapter plate from collinsadapters waiting o that to arrive
played around with 4age itbs might not run these might go turbo


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got my ls400 sump today n got it fitted had to mod a few bits
here are the holes that have to be drilled to fit the bigger 3uz bolts

also have to move the bolt sticking out of the block up to front of the engine

pic of oil pick up in its new position

also part that i forgot to order but they sent it anyways

i have the throttle body off as i need to change it from motor to cable which i being a pain at the min ive fitted the cable part off an sr20det throttle at min but it is turned the wrong way i might modify it to suit
anybody have any ideas on what i could use or solve this problem



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I’m doing a similar conversion atm, how are you getting on . I’m sticking with auto and std ecu so might be easier