projected power out put


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hi guys you probley get a lot of theses questerns but here goes

im planing on doing a hilux 2wd sr5 project i was planing doing a 13bt set up in it as thats were my expertise lays rotarys however my brother wonts to get rid of some lexus stuff he has and i have noticed conversion parts for the 1uz are every were

so this is what i have

96 vintage 1uz that had 62,000 kays on the clock
microguess for a 1uz lt 10s
all the coild and sensors
its t62 with a 1.32 (can swap for aa 1.00)

i was going to run a manual or could swap in a t350 etc

i have all the intercooler stuff and fuel system stuff lying around hesps of 044 holley pumps etc surge tanks

i would be chasing 400 rwhp as i can get that easy from a 13bt but im up for some thing diffrent

any advise would be great btw its will be a street car with 3 drag trips a year


400 to 500 h.p is fine as long as you have the early stronger rods..
I would fit some better valve springs...
Durability is all in the TUNE !!!
Say 250 h.p N/A ??
Then add turbo at 15Lb .. Your basically doubling the air density so you should be over 450 h.p depending what atmo pressure is and efficiancy of turbo conversion etc...


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are you talking rwhp figures or over all so id guess if you say 500 enging thaats min 400 rwhp

whats the go in doing valve springs as easy as a ls1 304 etc or more involved


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My surf (you can find threads on here) was a stock internal motor with 440cc injectors , TD07 with link Xtreme. It had log type manifolds. Made 250rwkw on 10 pounds and 300rwkw(400rwhp) on 15pound. We have also done a RX7 with 1uzTT running 550cc injectors and two subaru TD04. It had heaps more bottom end , almost like a supercharged vehicle and made 247rwkw on 8psi. It had tuned length manifolds. If you want a cheap setup the only thing I would recommend is some steel head gaskets and maybe some valve springs and cams. Find a really good tuner and if you pop a motor they are cheap to get a replacement. And as XR said. Get a early heavy bottom end motor. Cheers


Yep buy two motors.. One for fabrication and basically a grenade motor..
Then slowly build a forged assembly which can upwards of 800 h.p..
VVT engine with forged rods and pistons so not much head work required..

Don't wast too many brain cells worrying about exhaust manifolds!!
A good design log style works very well...Log with primaries at least 4" long flow well...


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the actual motor is from a 93 model so that should be ok just toying up weather it would be easier to run twin then a single as ill have the space in my hillux i also have two spare 38mm gates or i could just go with internal gated turbos maybe somew thing like s5 rx7 turbos i have heaps of them or score some gt 30,s second hand what should i aim for a .89 rear


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twin GT30's with a .60 T3 rear would be good with a little bit of a worked engine. enough to give you 400rwhp and then step it up a little at a later time when u want more.