1973 KE20 2 door Sedan. A barn find if you will. Surprisingly very little rust or bog and a complete matching number car.

No she will not be getting a 1UZ but may get bought up to SR spec, presently in the process of getting stripped to her undies for restoration



Nah 3K-B and 5 speed, 1UZ is going to be going in my '82 Hilux.

Had to sign a contract stating that I wouldn't "Chop this one up" to get it and didn't object considering that it only cost me fuel and some "refreshments" for the mans fridge to "Purchase" Peanut and take her home. She's actually a matching number car and if you look carefully at the boot(trunk) lid it say "Toyoglide".

The look on the guys face when after sitting for 10 years I threw a battery in her and some fuel, started her up and drove her onto the trailer which in itself was a frightening experience as the brakes do nothing aside from look like they're there. No progress over the last week or so due to some stuff needing to be done around the house and then me destroying my back as a result of said work around the house. I mean who the hell would want to do paving for a living? Nothing much may happen for the next few weeks either. But I now have the colour code for the Toyota Colur that I wish to paint her (Firefly Yellow)


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Wow that's cool, all numbers matching on an old jdm is almost unheard of here in the states! I can completely understand why you wouldn't want to chop oon anything to shoehorn a big engine in.