Parting out UZZ31 tan/white in Melbourne


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I am currently in process of wrecking a Pearl white UZZ31 1991 EMV tan
interior with the front end damage (front bar is gone, but the front
lip might be fixable)
I am located in Bayswater
Contact Number is: 0433592349
Here is the Spread Sheet of all the parts i can think of right now and
the prices. en_US

I will have the photos of entire car and the individual parts up
If i missed out something on the list, dont hesitate to ask.
Not happy with the price? Make me an offer.
Need shipping? i will do my best to get you a quote quickly.


Just call me "Lex"
I approved this post however buyers please contact seller before sending money due to low post number.

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I want the emblem (square plate) that is on top of the engine intake manifold, the square that has either a toyota T or a T and the word toyota, will pay shipping to the states.


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It has a toyota emblem and says toyota, not sure what shipping will be, ill find out, but $15 for emblem

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let me know how to pay you paypal etc or snail mail. shipping would be to zip (postal code) code 63052 St.louis Missouri. and thanks for replying- I have been looking all over for this part (its Lexus here and has an L)

BE careful taking that part off, its all plastic- a small cable and saw at it or a scraper blade thats sharp with even pressure slowly.
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Stock exhaust headers is on the list - which version are these? I'm looking for a set of the cast-iron ones.