My V8 90 model duelcab hilux 4x4


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Zuffen said:

I can't tell you how much you would need to cut but fans should always suck not blow.

They are way more efficient if mounted behind the radiator not in front of it.
Actually, if you turn the blade backwards and mount it as a pusher, it will be slightly more efficient.


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Te fan may be more efficient but the airflow thru the matrix will be less.

To get the max airflow you need to draw air thru the matrix and ensure it passes thru the fan by using a well fitted shroud. The fan should not be buried too deep in the shroud. Around 1/3 of the blade pitch should project from the shroud.

You need to block any outlet inside the grille area that will allow air to bypass the radiator.


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R and D if youre looking at the possible expense of a bmw radiator why not look at a custom aluminium one. I think theyre something like 30% more efficient than a similar sized traditional radiator. I had one done a few years back for around 700aus dollars and you can get it exactly how you want it.
Not to mention they look schmick polished up!!