Lextreme T-Shirt Design


Just call me "Lex"

For those with Photoshop skills, I need your help designing Lextreme T-Shirt. The image will be on the upper right side of the shirt (heart area). It would about 2" tall and 3-4" wide. Should me what u got!

Winner will get a free T-Shirt plus other goodies. I need it in psd format.

The Flea

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Maybe something simple like this.
Instead of the standard franklin font, how about the LEXUS script like in the Lextreme banner. I'm not an artist but I can arrange anything on PS. There are hundreds of ways to do this.


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tshirt design

Here's my 2 cents worth David, I would like to see the .com to advertise the site more - even though it's poularity is growing everyday!