LED boards for your Interior & Exterior!

Luxury Mods

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Hey guys, we've got a bunch of these new LED boards that will brighten up any dull interior...

They come with 5 attachments that should make it fit anywhere on any car!

Price is $14.99 shipped per board.


Death By Bass

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I was going to reply with a link to one with 18 leds, for cheaper, but seeing as you're apparently a vendor, I decided against it :)

Luxury Mods

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I've personally used 2 or 3 different LED boards and have yet to find one that is as nice as this one. The last one I had contained 12 LEDs but soon after, they started flickering and the intensity on each led was not uniform with the rest.

We're here to try to offer the best products here so if you have something you think you would like to see offered, please send me a PM to that item. We'll do our own research & test them out to see if they are worth selling.

Thanks for your input!