How to change engine mounts


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It should also be noted that when changing the engine mounts it is appropriate to replace the transmission mount as well if it has not been already.

I had moderate vibration from all three mounts, replaced the two engine mounts, and judging from the vibrations and shifting hesitation my rate of transmission mount wear has increased dramatically - my thought is that now that the engine is solid the transmission is getting more torque more quickly (it's not being soaked up by bad engine mounts) and further stressing my bad transmission mount.

don't be cheap, do all three at once.



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Last week I was removing a 1999 SC400 engine with transmission. The two engine mounts were completely broken off. We were surprise how bad they was.


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Both mine were torn also when I pulled my engine, what ones can you get to replace them? Any aftermarket or hybrid options?


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just did mine 2 days ago at 200k and snapped through also. I had one come out in like 5 pieces, was acting as a "pillow" for the engine to rest on.


engine mounts

spf lexus..... did you have any problems changing the engine mounts ?
... when i crashed my LS and hit and embankment head on, all 3 engine mounts broke and the motor moved forward about 2".... i thought i'd just use the ones out of the front cut i'm getting, however i'm reading stories about other LS's with broken mounts, so i might just as well put new ones in......
*** I wonder why the airbags didn't deploy ?***