h3 fog light bulbs?

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Hey guys I just purchased all new PIAA headlight bulbs and H3 fog light bulbs. The high and low beam headlight bulbs are direct replacement of the oem ones. But the H3 bulbs are alot different that the 1156 prong type bulb in the 92 sc's. The H3 fog light bulbs only have one wire coming from the bulb and mount totally different. On Luxury mods these were the ones for my application. I know someone has probably ran into the same problem and im curious as to what actions I take to fix this problem. Thanks alot chris

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Our apologies for the delay in response. The H3 bulbs are for 95-00 models, but would work on 92-94 models that have done the conversion.

If you have a 92-94, the lights you have are cornering lights and use 1156.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.