gearbox adaptor plates.


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I'm a crazy nut that will most likely be murdered by a roaming cloud of mullet equipped hill folk for stuffing a 94 1UZ into my 92 Camaro. Unfortunately I'm at a bit of a stopping point with the transmission since I can not locate a CAD drawing for an adapter. Anyone have any information for the 1UZ -> T5 adapter?

Thanks to anyone for assisting me with my suicide as I plan to goto my next meet and pop the hood, close my eyes and wait for their angered bellows when they spot the chrome Lexus logo on the intake.
I know Ed Oates from has one and usually has the full file setup on ebay for sale but I don't see it. You might be able to find it on his webpage. Try emailing him through ebay and I am sure he will sell it to you.

You're not nuts. I am putting one in a 73 Nova SS. But I am using a Supra R154 5 speed.



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T5 adapter

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum. Greetings from Aberdeenshire, Scotland!

I'm planning to build a car soon with a 1uz engine. I've got a T5 gearbox from a TVR Tuscan that I'm going to use. I've tried PMing a few guys on the forum for assistance but had no luck. Please get in touch if you're able to help me with sourcing a drawing or cad file of a T5 to 1uz adapter plate, or even a drawing of the T5 mounting face.

If there's nothing available I'll persevere at making my own adapter and share the CAD file with anyone that needs it.

Cheers guys, any help would be much appreciated,


I don't have the pattern for the T5 but will have it. If its not on there for free you can contact the moderator and he has accurate patterns for just about every possible configuration for sale. They are very reasonable and everyone I have gotten from him as been accurate.



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Does anyone have the 1uz-t56 file, I paid for Ed's drawing via PayPal but haven't revived anything yet, he seems to be Mia latly.
Also what have people paid in aus for the laser cutting of the plates roughly with laser cutter supplying material?


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Hello all,

I am in preparation of putting a 1UZ into a Porsche 986 with the G86 (Audi 012) transmission. I did some research that someone had successfully mated the two and there was an available kit? However, this was a few years ago and I am not able to get in touch of the company that once had this kit. Anyone know whether this still exist or can direct me to someone with experience?

Many thanks,


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Does anyone have the 1uz to t56 CAD file. If not does anyone have the gearbox end of the of the 1uz CAD file. I have looked on load of website but no luck, i have now got the PDF from Tremec fro the box end

Infinity jon

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Long shot but I don’t suppose anyone has a accurate 3D model of a 1UZ vvti engine?

Trying to squeeze one into a tr6 and want to see if it will fit before I get the air slitter to the inner bodywork.

Model format could be any 3D file.

Seen one on sketch up but it’s not accurate. Also a company has done a 3D scan but I can’t see access to the file anywhere.