Gas injection


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Procharger was second hand from states.

My lpg injection has been pretty much nothing but headaches since it went in. Next attempt to get rid of it missing when warmed up will be new 02 sensors...

I 'think' the problem will be with something on the original engine, causing confusion for the lpg ecu. Though, I don't really have a way of diagnosing the lpg, could be anything on it playing up but I know so little about the system, hardly any info out there.

White ls400

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has it missed since day one? i know this sounds like a dumb question as ou probally have checked but it isnt running so lean it has taken the tips off your spark plugs? also iv seen my mechanic tune my car theres a crapload of different settings its easy enough to click one wrong box, also i dont think its your engine or ecu because they only run off fuel injector pulse


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Nemesis, did you replace all your ignition components when you went to LPG? If not, you probably should as LPG requires much more out of the ignition system than a petrol system does, plus, now that you're supercharging, your system is taxed even more.

If you haven't already done it, at minimum, I'd replace distributor caps, rotors, & wires if I were you.


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It ran fine at first, with the exception of a strange miss @ 2700rpm on gas only which I could never track. It has progressed to this point.

When the charger went on it I added new plugs and leads etc. I have a bunch of spare coils etc to test soon. I checked a plug the other day and it looks like new.

One strange thing, it ran better than ever to the point where my MAF died the other week. After replacing the meter it struggles on gas once it warms up all of a sudden. But it only seems to be once it pasts a certain throttle point, for which I now have some spare TPS's to test.