Frame damage

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Ive got some frame damage on my 1993 SC400 and I want to know if theres any DIY solution to get the frame back into shape. The damage is concentrated near the drivers side headlight. The frame that holds up the headlight assembly is just touching my battery. Is it safe just to rebuild the front bumper with the lower and upper supports and not repairing the frame and can I do it myself with some kind of DIY solution?

Thanks for the support and keep the Supra Coupe 400 alive!


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You could try a junkyard. hack off the headlight trip and weld in place. Are the mounts still ok? there's one in the middle and each ends attaches on each side. I'm pretty sure the dealer won't sell that piece of trim.

I don't have any pics of your car but I would assume new bumper, bumper beam and headlight trip. Those 3 are the major ones but i would not recommend rebuilding the beam, its aluminum and just wont have the same strength as before. Any chance for a picture?