Are non-vvti and vvti 1uz internals swappable?

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so i have this project in mind but i need a little bit of research in order to have a clear image in my head, I've seen people make 600+ hp from the non-vvti 1uz with stock crank and rods (but not pistons as the have high compression). i however have a the newer vvti.

So my question is will the internals if the non-vvti (i.e: rods and crank) fit in the vvti block without any modifications? or is it not possible?

P.S: i plan on turboing the car


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Hamilton. New Zealand
Plenty of guys making big power on stock non vvti pistons too.

To do improved vvti then some guys are fitting non vvti early thick rods into the vvti engines. Pistons have different cutouts.

A better idea is to fit forged rods and pistons. Do it once, do it right.