AEM V1 Cal File - Anyone Have One?

Hi all,

Does anyone have the cal file that MitchP put together for the AEM V1? I can't get a hold of Mitch by any means, and I'm ready to get my engine running with the AEM and I have nothing to start with. The local tuner has not done anything with the 1UZ before so I want to have as much info/ components ready for them to use before I get the car tuned.



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I've got one from my car somewhere.

How have you wired the injectors up? The proper way (firing order), or 1-1, 2-2 etc?


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I'll need a little info on what you're running. COP? Distributors? EDIS?

Have you power on the black and orange wire to the coils?

Do you get sync or cranking rpm?
Yea, I have power at all the correct points. The OEM ECU runs the engine fine, the harness, ignition system, distributors are all stock and unmodified.

I'm trying to get the engine to run on all the stock electronics other than widebands, map sensor, and AIT sensors.


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So you definitely have the MREL powering up and supplying to the black+orange on coils and igniters?
MREL powers the ECU and engine sensors (Black-Red), the ignition system and fuel injectors get power from the ignition s/w (Black-Orange). This is the same as the factory wiring in both the SC400 and Supra. I get 12v on both the B-R and B-O when the key goes in the "On" position.