99 4runner 2UZ-FE conversion

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99 4runner 2UZ-FE conversion with TRD Supercharger

Started my conversion. Sold the old 3.4 liter v6 and now getting ready for the 4.7 liter up grade.

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sooooo, two quick questions, are you going to use the tranny that came in your vehicle, and b how do oyu plan to controll it if you do?
The old tranny would work but would need a new bell housing and torque converter though.

I am going to use the tranny that came with the 2UZ-FE.


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Here goes.

Pressure washed everything nice and clean

Removed the front bumper

Starting to lift the body off. Inches at a time though.

Getting ready to roll the chassis out from under the body.

It is separated

Preparing to remove the Transfer case

transfer case is gone

Removing the 5v trans
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I can see most of the pictures...

Are you going to use the 2UZ transmission with 4runner Transfer case? manual or auto?

exciting project ... going to be 4X4 monster


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That is funney. I only see links to my photo bucket account. Kind of annoying if you have to open each link to view the picture.

The tranny's are the same between the two. The 2UZ transfer case is more push button while the 4runner is more mechanical.


Removing the old cat. I love working on southern trucks. no corroded bolts look at o2 sensor.

Anybody need a Cat and A/F sensor?

Frame ready for transplant.

Side by side Sequoia and 4runner.

Removed the 2uz as an assemble for mocking in frame.

2uz motor mount

Crazy bolt pattern for 2uz motor mount.

What the hell is this. There is another one on the other side.

Mocking the engine in place
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Passenger side cat has perfect fitment all around.

Oil pan sump fits in between the diff and the frame cross member beautifully.

Oil sump fits around the diff mounts

Oil filter is easy to get too.

Drivers side exhaust will need work to clear the steering shaft. :(

Other bad news is the the ECM is much larger then the V6.

Stock Tundra (sequoia) header

Cut and extended to clear my steering shaft.

Heat shield re-installed.

Passenger side motor mount installed

Driver side installed
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Merry Christmas Yaw!

I have decided to go with a body lift.

Being the frugal and impatient person that I am. I spent $40 and made my own 2" lift. Grade 8 bolts expensive these days.


Hooked up my power steering.

The 4runner had an electric pressure sensor that bumps the idle up when turning.

The V8 was operated by a mechanical switch that let more air in past the throttle body.

It was cold this morning too.

Vol la, it the 4runner is now mechanical.

Anywho, Here is a picture of my hoopty on 255's with my 2" body lift.

I have 265 AT's to roll and a set of 285's on steelies for special occasions.

I hooked my AC.

The AC Pump is on the drivers sideon the UZ while on the 5VZ, it is on the passenger side. I had rearranged the plumbing on the AC condenser so that i can utilize the 2UZ hoses.

Hose in the engine compartment

Moving the high preassure from the right to the left and now it is from the left to the right.

Finished my steering extension for the 2" lift.

Had an extra coupler

Had an extra shaft

Cut the shaft and the coupler and made my extension.

All welded up

Here it is installed.

Got an O2 sensor off ebay. To replace the one that i stole to fix pop's Sequoia.
Cheap $40

New in plastic

Always use Neverseize , Denso was kind enough to send some with the kit.

Installed, So easy.

Some gratuitous exhaust pipe photos.

I tried to snake my exhaust so it is not the lowest point under the chassis.

my Y pipe.

Installed the tranny cooler. This was the factory UZ cooler and just retrofitted to my 4Runner.

Another problem.

Fuel filter is dangerously close to the cat. i am thinking about moving it to the out side of the frame rail.

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Air intake crap - Kamotors Performance Carbon Fiber Filter 3" Cold Air Intake BMW VW

As you guys are all aware, I am doing my V8 conversion. I can not use the 4runner air filter box nor can I use the Sequoia air filter housing. So i had to come up with my own.

Any way, I found an enclosed filter housing on e-bay. Neat idea, Lets me grab cool air from the stock snorkel location.

I order it, pay the $83 and the ****er false advertised it. What an ******* mother ****er **** douche bag. He labels it as a 3" intake but in reality, it is only a 2.75" intake.

the intake on the 2UZ is 3". Will it be restrictive, I don't know. I am bitter about the whole situation. I asked for a refund. He declined. I am now flaming this re****. Basic just to let prospective buyers know not to buy from KaKa Motors.

Here is his ebay listing

Selling Kamotors' Universal Ver.4 Carbon Fiber cold air intake. 100% real carbon fiber. This is the New Ver. 4 kit with rubber strap. This Filter replaces the factory airbox and bolts directly to the MAF or AFM(for AFM cars an ebay MAF adapter is needed).This kit gets a larger volume of air and will outperform just about any other setup on the market. The filter is enclosed in a 9" by 5" carbon fiber heat shield canister. I have personally installed this kit in BMW's, Datsun 280z, zx, Jeep, and VW Jetta. If you engine bay has about 9.5" 5.5" inches this Filter can be installed installed in about 30minutes.

Picture Number 2 shows the New strap design( It will Have The Kamotors logo on the body). Picture 1 shows the complete version 4 BMW kit.
Remember this is NOT an auction for a bolt on kit, hoses,clamps or couplers may be need to install this kit on your vehicle.

Keeps intake temps 50+degrees cooler than an unshielded cone filter setup and more than 15 degrees cooler than the OEM airbox setup. This kit will fit everything from BMW's, VW, Subaru, Audi, Nissan, Datsun and much more. I've used this Filter in many different cars with great results. Filter uses a 3" inlet and outlet which means that it wont be a restriction, similar kits on ebay only use 2.5" inlets which will restrict performance, don't be fooled by cheap imitations, they use a lower quality filters and will not perform as well.

This Auction is for the canister, assorted couplers, and bracket. Please check other auctions for Full kit for the BMW E30.

Kit includes

1-100% Carbon Fiber canister w/ enclosed air filter 3" inlet outlet stubs
The filter uses a pointed cone tip to help straighten turbulent air.

3- assorted coupler, which you may or may not need.

1-New Ver.4 rubber lip metal filter bracket

1-Straight bracket

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

With this Filter you can have a true Cold Air Intake. Usually when people want to get a cold air setup they end up removing there high beam or cutting a hole in the car to get air from below, but with this kit you can easily redirect air from the grill or valance into the filter. The cooler the air, the more power. If you are just using a cone filter you are actually losing power because of the hot engine bay air your filter is breathing.

A heat shield blocks the hot air but you aren't really getting cooler outside air to your filter unless you have this CAI setup. The canister has a 3" inlet which lets you direct out side air into your filter, with this kit your filter won't reach temps above the outside air temp.

The filter is completely enclosed in a Carbon Fiber shield. Since no separate shield is needed or would be a benefit, installing the kit is a breeze and you get much more freedom on deciding how you want it mounted.

This kit will give a performance gain and a very unique sound that's only possible with a carbon fiber enclosed filter. Gives better throttle response, MPG(if driven normal), power, and cooler Intake air temps.

Do not install the bracket to any ground points on the vehicle.

Shipping usually takes no more than 48hrs but can take up to 5 days, if the shipping is delayed for any reason I will contact you and ship it out with a faster service so you still get your item in a timely manner. Please be patient, and contact me when ever you want for order updates or questions.

Customer reviews

"the first thing I noticed was better throttle response with the CAI"

"I can vouch for this product."

"High quality on the products I obtained. I was very pleased. Thanks to you!"

"I have one of these CAIs and it is great!
I feel a little bit of added acceleration in 3rd and 4th.
awesome product!"

"Just posting to let anyone on the fence about getting one of these know that they will not be disappointed. A perfect compliment to the miller maf conversion."

"Recieved mine from KA Motors. Let me tell you... I'm super happy. It's a very clean install and clean product. Looks FANTASTIC on just about any application. Very well worth it "

"intake is cool to the touch on my M42 with this thing installed, thanks for a quality product "

"Good seller, good product, great price, quick shipping. What else can you ask for?"

"I bought a KA Motors carbon intake for my E30 318iS and love it.

I removed the muffler thing on the end of it though and just have the pipe feeding into it without the 3 inch cover thing on the end, sounds a LOT better this way!"
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Still Waiting for parts to come in. So I made my Front bumper relocation brackets.

My lift is officially done, with the exception of lifting the trailer hitch up.

I guess i went overboard on my bracket material. 1/4" plate but it was free.

It is what it is.

My bumper is mounted.

Got my radiator and installed it.



Got my pusher fan installed

Making my Air intake.

After the disappointment with the Ebay air intake, I forged on and decided to use it.

I could not fit the Sequoia Intake assemble in the stock location because it is just to big. The 4Runner Air cleaner assemble had the intake coming in at the wrong angle. Just not enough room to manipulate the intake hose from the engine to the housing.

I could have just stuck a filter on the end of the MAF sensor but that would look to ricey (as if my radiator wasn't ricey enough).

Anywho, This what i did.

I took the stock Sequoia Air filter box

And I cut the MAF mounting point out.

Cut and trimmed the MAF

Up Close

Used the crappy kit from Ebay

Attached it to the MAF

Installed into 4runner

So now my 2UZ-FE is getting cool air from outside.
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